Grow Old With Me
Grow Old With Me
Grow Old With Me
Grow Old With Me
Grow Old With Me

Grow Old With Me

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Everyone loves to have a reminder of romance and intimacy in their home. This painting features a couple walking down the street together in the rain. The design is the epitome of a couple in love. Even from the photo, you can clearly see the couple is in love. Whether it will serve as a reminder for you and your lover to enjoy the simple things or as something beautiful to look at, this picture is calling your name.



Lush, true-to-life details emerge with each relaxing touch when you explore the beauty of 5D diamond painting kits. Individual diamond-like gems or beads - called drills in 5D diamond painting lingo - are placed on an adhesive canvas to form a stunning picture. The zen-like quality of hunting, positioning, and observing each drill’s placement within the larger picture is truly unique. That’s a large part of the reason why this emerging craft hobby has become so wildly popular.



Each 5D diamond painting kit contains everything you’ll need to make your masterpiece come to vivid, sparkling life, one gentle tap at a time. It includes your dotting pen, which is comfortable to hold, a plate and tweezers for quick diamond sorting, dotting cement, a self-adhesive canvas, and of course, a fully-labeled bag of diamonds. We’ve also taken the liberty of including 130% of each kind required for the project; this ensures that you’ll be able to finish without stress if you lose a few diamonds as you work.

Content List:

  • 1 x Dotting Pen
  • 1 x Dotting Plate
  • 1 x Tweezers
  • 1 x Dotting Cement
  • 1 x Self Adhesive Canvas

In the unlikely event any components are missing from your kit, contact us for a replacement!



The Painting Society was first founded in 2017 to connect like-minded artists with quality products through the exceptional service we hope we can provide to you. If you decide to trust us with your business, we hope to make your experience the best possible! To do this, we back all purchases through us with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee designed to provide you with peace of mind and to ensure you that you will only be receiving the product described. No questions asked. Free return shipping.



  • The larger your selected canvas kit, the more detail your finished image will have: larger surface areas allow for more densely-placed and nuanced colors.
  • Due to the nature of smaller canvas sizes, the original image will arrive slightly cropped. However, we will always prioritize the subject of the selected artwork! Larger canvas will not experience any loss of background.
  • Square drills vs. Round drills? Square drills provide more detail over round drills. Due to the shape of a square drill, more precision and time are required of you to complete an artwork.
  • The 5D references the number of facets on each diamond - in a 5D diamond image kit, each drill will have five facets per side for maximum sparkle!