Cozy Quarter Painting Kit -
Cozy Quarter Painting Kit -

Cozy Quarter [Paint by Numbers]

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This kit features a beautiful shot of a cozy house on the hillside. Gorgeous shades of green, red, and light blue to form an elegant painted picture upon completion.




Let the cares of the day slip away one brushstroke at a time with a beautiful and entertaining paint by numbers for adults kit. A detailed canvas is laid out to follow, allowing you to precisely recreate the fascinating interplay of color and contrast found in the base image - no blending required! All you’ll need to bring to the proverbial table is the stress you’re looking to leave behind and a cup of water to rinse the included paintbrushes - the rest is simply a zen-like practice of matching numbered acrylic paints to their spaces on the canvas.

Want to fill in all sections of a particular color at once? Enjoy! Prefer to work your way through painting a full multi-colored section? That’s okay too. There’s no right or wrong way to enjoy a paint-by-numbers session for adults, so lose yourself in the fun and satisfaction of filling in the canvas in whatever order you choose. 

The beauty of this paint by numbers for adults is knowing that once your masterpiece is finished, it’s going to look fantastic - and you’ll know what it will look like, too! That’s why it makes as good a gift for yourself as it does for others - give your loved one the experience of painting or present them with a finished canvas - either way, it’s a thoughtful present.




Each paint by numbers for adults kit contains everything you need to let your inner painter out to play. You’ll only need a cup of water for rinsing the brushes and a frame if one is desired. In the unlikely event any components are missing from your kit, contact us for a replacement!


Content List:

  •  1 x Acrylic Paint Set (Numbered for Easy Reference)
  •  1 x High-Quality Canvas Printed with Numbered Sections
  •  3 x Paintbrushes (1x each in Small, Medium, and Large)
  •  1 x Kit for Hanging (Includes Screws and Non-Track Hooks)
  •  1 x Detailed Instructions




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    • The larger your selected canvas kit, the more detail your finished image will have: larger surface areas allow for more densely-placed and nuanced colors.
    • Due to the nature of smaller canvas sizes, the original image will arrive slightly cropped. However, we will always prioritize the subject of the selected artwork! Larger canvas will not experience any loss of background.