How To Fix Wrinkes and Creases

It may seem daunting and annoying to see your masterpiece begin to wrinkle or crease! However, fear not, fixing this typical issue is more simple than one might think.


  1. A quick google search about removing wrinkles and creases would suggest using water or steam. However, for paint by number kits, DO NOT use this advice. These kits contain valuable information from the lines and numbers printing onto them.
  2. Instead, lay the canvas face down on a covered flat surface and while using a hot iron press firmly down. DO NOT keep the hot iron on one spot for too long, or burning or discoloration will occur.
  3. If you must use water, take a damp cloth and very gently wipe the back of the canvas. Repeat step 2.
  4. Next, gently stretch the canvas to remove any persistent creases or wrinkles.