How To Paint With Diamonds

Congratulations on joining thousands in participating in such a relaxing and rewarding hobby! Getting started is just as easy as following nine simple steps. 


  1. Ready the tools included within your kit
  2. Peel back the protection film from the chart. However, we recommend not removing the entire protection film. Instead, remove the film as you work through the artwork. The film helps prevent your new chart from drying out or accumulating dirt/dust. When taking a break from the painting, you should reapply the film over your work for added protection.
  3. Push the drill pen tip into the wax to add adhesive for picking up diamonds.  Note: When not using the wax, re-cover to prevent drying out.
  4. Review the chart and decide which color you would like to start with first. We want to recommend working with one color at a time. However, if you prefer to work row by row, then we suggest using multiple trays or dishes to keep the different colored diamonds separate. 
  5. Once you have decided on a color, open the included bag and pour some into the tray. Shake the tray until most of the diamonds have their flat side facing downward.
  6. Use the drill pen (already covered in wax from step 3) to pick up each diamond and place it on the corresponding label within the artwork.
  7. Repeat until completed. Once completed, reapply the protective label and use a rolling pin to roll over the design gently. Doing this ensures that all the diamonds are secure to the sticky surface of your beautiful new artwork!