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Space Travel Painting Kit -
Space Travel Painting Kit -
Space Travel Painting Kit -
Space Travel
Space Travel
Space Travel

Space Travel

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Astaff favorite! Since the beginning of humanity, one would look up to the moon and admire its beauty. It was always out of reach and a dream to many to walk upon its glorious white surface. Many times, it is hard to imagine such a thing, especially when life gets busy. While completing this 5d diamond painting kit, we were able to take a moment of reflection and admire the magnificent moon that is above our heads each night.

We are confident that you will also find the same peaceful thoughts as you witness this diamond painting nearing completion. Placing such a thought-provoking image that sparkles with each ray of light will surely turn heads when family and friends pass by it within your home.

Owl In The Tree Painting Kit -
Owl In The Tree Painting Kit -
Owl In The Tree Painting Kit -
Owl In The Tree
Owl In The Tree
Owl In The Tree

Owl In The Tree

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Walking through a forest on a quiet night, you can almost feel someone or something gazing at you. You turn around and see nothing of the sort. Looking forward, you can see, produced through the moon's light, is the shadow of magnificent wings — the shadow heads to the tree in front of you. As you look closer, you can see what had been looking at you so intently — an owl. A majestic bird that carries with it the aura of power.

It is hard not to admire such a creature that is feared by all small animals. It isn't easy to describe a better way to fully appreciate each detail of such an animal than by painting it with diamonds. As each diamond is placed on the canvas, the image of this beautiful creature comes to life stronger and more notable.

What's So Great About Our 5D Diamond Painting Kits?

Unlike other painting kits, such as our paint by numbers kit, diamond painting is unique in all ways. Instead of using acrylic paints, small diamond-like gems are used to create rich life-like details that turn a dull canvas into a beautiful diamond painting. Through countless reviews and designing even more kits, we have noticed the zen-like quality of placing each individual diamond onto a canvas. This emerging craft has become so popular due to this very reason - it is just so relaxing!

We have created many different kits for your diamond painting pleasure. From categories of landscapes to people, we are sure you will find something to enjoy. Please browse our website to find more information concerning this fantastic art process, more about us, or even helpful tips/tricks to help you get started. You will find that when compared to our competitors, we go above and beyond to ensure we remain the best when it comes to providing quality painting kits and information!

4 Key things About Diamond Painting Kits

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Pure Relaxation And Satisfaction

Diamond painting allows you to bring out your creative side and make something unique and fresh in a totally relaxed and calming manner. It takes patience and a bit of laser-focus to work on these paintings, and perhaps that is why it is so relaxing, while being an amazingly engaging activity.

Everything else around you disappears as you hunt down the next symbol and place the diamond into its proper spot.

How Exactly Is It Good For Your Mental Well-being?

First of all, it relaxes the Amygdala, which results in the total relaxation of the mind. The critical aspect of this utterly unique way of painting, which makes it so effective at reducing anxiety and stress, is the amount of concentration it takes.

When you're focused on the task in front of you, it's no longer possible to worry about meeting deadlines at work or question your parenting skills or stress over a big project in school. This is because while working on a diamond painting kit, your mind is wholly focused and zones out the entire barrage of other thoughts flying by.

Additionally, it is a beautiful way to carve out some time for self-reflection!

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Lady Doing diamond painting kit

Our Kits Make Fantastic Gifts

First and foremost, we offer painting kits that are totally customizable. This means that you can choose any image you want and turn it into a 5d diamond painting for you and your loved ones.

How special is that?

Plus, there are practically no restrictions on the image you can upload and have made into a painting. And even if you don't choose to create a painting from a personalized image, they still make fantastic gifts.

And while you might not be presenting someone with a diamond-encrusted portrait of themselves - you're giving them a gift that can provide for a fun, peaceful and relaxing activity to do with their family, or even on their own personal time.

Are You Convinced?

If we haven't made this clear by now, here it is point blank - diamond painting kits are the BEST indoor activity out there.

And whether you're doing it with your kids, or as a fun thing to do with your loved ones - it's a stress-free and mess-free activity that provides for a great pastime and excellent way to bond with the people around you.

No matter if you've got an hour to do a small piece or want to do an entire painting in one go, you're only limited by your imagination. So go out there, get a diamond painting kit for yourself, and let your creative side loose!

Fire and Ice Tree diamond painting kit showcase

Diamond Painting Kits for The Soul

Our unique painting style may sound counter-intuitive. After all, how can you paint something without using paint in the process? But it's one of the most relaxing and meditative activities out there.

And it's just so much fun!

Our kits are inexpensive, and there are countless image options. 5d kits are significantly more popular, though it's worth noting that 3d kits are more comfortable and faster for beginners to complete.

If you're considering getting a kit for yourself, a family member, or a friend, trust us when we say that we will not let you down!

How To Get Started:

And while this may sound somewhat challenging, the steps for undertaking a 5d diamond painting are pretty simple:

1. Open up your painting kit and remove/unwrap the contents.
2. Match the numbers or symbols on the canvas to the numbers and symbols on the diamond packets.
3. Start with one color at a time, working your way from the bottom to the top, left to right.
4. Enjoy!

That's all there is to it! You can move as slow or as fast as you choose, and do as much at a time as you wish.

There is absolutely no pressure or stress involved here. When you get in the zone, and your picture gradually starts coming together, it quickly starts to be a deeply satisfying and enjoyable activity for kids and adults alike.

Plus, your sense of accomplishment when you finish your diamond masterpiece is equal to that which you'd feel if you completed artwork from scratch. And the best part, when compared to traditional painting with gouache, oil paints, or even watercolors, is that there's no mess!

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You Deserve it. You Deserve a break.

Can you remember the last time you did something that was entirely selfish? Despite popular belief, it's okay to take time for yourself and ignore the world for a while. Self-care should be a priority in everyone's daily schedule. While an hour a day might be a bit outlandish for the working parent or independent business owner (or anyone who has important responsibilities), a few hours per week of quiet, peaceful downtime will do wonders for your emotional well being.

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