Easy Rock Painting Ideas For Beginners

Rock painting is a perfect way to spend your free time - especially with your kids. It is a way of passing the time thoughtfully and artistically. Therefore, if you don’t know how to paint, you might be overwhelmed about the best rock painting ideas. However, you don’t have to worry! We have compiled within this article a complete step by step guide on easy rock painting ideas that will help you come up with a perfect art project.


Easy rock painting ideas


Materials and Tools

  • Stones ( must be smooth )
  • Acrylic paint 
  • Mod Podge Sealer
  • Bucket
  • Paper towel
  • Scrub brush or toothbrush
  • Glue 
  • Murphy’s oil


Gather Some Rocks


Begin the fun by gathering some rocks. You can choose any size you want, either small or big. The choice is yours. Begin the process with one rock.


Clean the Rock


After you’ve collected the rock you want to paint, it is essential to clean it. The best way to wash it is by soaking it in hot water for some time. Then later, you scrub away any dirt using the abrasive side of a sponge or even a toothbrush.


The goal is to remove all dirt or debris from the surface of the rock. Sand the dust off using sandpaper. Once your rock is clean, pat it with a wet towel. Then expose it to the sun to dry before you start painting.


If you are busy and would like to speed the process up, place the rock in the oven and heat it for ten minutes at 250 degrees Celsius. Be careful not to be burned when removing as it might be too hot.


 Acquire Painting Brushes and Paints


Getting quality paint is not as easy as getting a rock. You should perform thorough research on the best color before buying them at the crafts store. Acrylic paint performs the task correctly and coats the rock exceptionally well. Using Acrylic paint is excellent, as you will not have to apply many layers to cover the color of the rock.


Get a variety of paintbrushes for your project. A fine tip paintbrush is the best for painting rocks. Also, exploring different brush sizes allows you to create different styles and effects within your artwork.

Protip: An unorthodox way of decorating your rock is to use small diamonds. Using diamonds within your rock art looks sharp and is guaranteed to have heads turning. The diamonds found within our diamond painting kits are perfect for the job!


To prolong the life of your brush, never leave your brush out for paint to dry on it or forget to clean it after each use. Soak the brush hairs in a bucket containing murphy’s oil for two days.


Adding Labels to Your Rock


The main aim of adding labels is to allow you to locate the rock painting if you choose to leave it where others will find it. The goal is to have them post the rock onto social media and use your hashtag on the photo. It is an exciting social experiment to see where your rock will travel, especially if the finder leaves it in a new spot for someone else to enjoy it too!


What is a hashtag?


It is a pound symbol, #, accompanied by few words without spaces in between that acts as a link to all pictures labeled with the same words.


Glue the Label on the Rock


Immediately after you finish painting your stone, please place it in a dry place, and allow it to dry. Brush some sealant onto the back of the rock, then use glue to add the label. After that, press the label firmly down with your fingers and allow it dry for two minutes before you continue with the project.


After the label is dry, write the hashtag that you conceived using a permanent marker. Allow it dry for two minutes. Then paint the sealant (Mod Podge) on top of the hashtag label. Allow the sealant to dry for ten minutes. Repeat this on the opposite side of the rock.


Do The Sealing


Sealing is the final stage of your rock painting process. Seal everything with the Mod Podge Sealer. Lay the rock on a newspaper then coat the entire rock.


Leave Your Rock Outside For Some Time


A gloss is both weather and waterproof and will brighten the outlook of your rock vividly. Your paint will last longer, making your artwork enjoyable for many years to come. It also makes the rock art beautiful when you or someone else decide to post it online.





Gather Painting Ideas from Your Surroundings


Visiting new locations is exciting and can be essential for gathering new ideas for future artworks. You can find beauty anywhere; your next idea might be down the street or at the closest park.


Use an Idea Repeatedly


There is no such rule that says you can only use an idea once. Contrarily, you could reuse a rock painting idea to craft a whole new scene. Pick any old painted rock that you like then imagine various possible variations. You could copy the old painting but change the colors and angles to come up with new art.


Gather New Ideas from People


Seek inspiration from experts with skills in painting. Visit local art galleries or museums and study how different people create art. Make short notes which will act as a source of reference.


Make use of an online painting idea machine that has a wide range of painting ideas and will automatically make painting suggestions for you. Have a positive and open-minded approach to the device for a perfect result.


couple in a painting gallery


Try Ideas from a Different Angle


Rather than changing your current painting ideas, it can be exciting to alter the things you are using to paint the ideas. Using various styles will help you produce new and exciting artwork by decreasing the usage of jaded painting styles. 


For example, avoid using your favorite paintbrush or colors and make use of new color combinations to paint your rock. If you were previously using a saturated color to do the painting, try using a dry pigment in the form of pastels. You could learn to retard or speed the rate at which the acrylic dries to add another dimension of creativity to your artwork.


Final Words


You do not need to be a professional rock painter to come up with beautiful rock paint art. You only need some rock painting ideas with some simple practice, and everything will run smooth. We hope we were able to teach you about easy rock painting ideas and are excited about the beautiful artwork you will create. We hope you will share your latest artwork with us in the comment section below!

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